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Seeking your opinion for the Hāts Ōn Vōwēls logo

I’m in the process of taking the comics over to their own website. I’ll be using the old name, Hāts Ōn Vōwēls, for the site. Here are three banner designs for the site. Please help me choose which one I should go with by voting below. Jazākum Alālh khayran.



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Well, I hadn’t seen it before.

A friend just pointed me in the direction of this clip .


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Shock News: Bin laden with rubbish photographed!

I think this is one thing that I like about Saudi – the little men on bins wear thobes.

Well, actually I have two interpretations to the logo above and haven’t decided which is a more valid explanation for this fine specimen of a motif.

The optimistic interpretation:

The little stick man in the picture is indeed wearing a thobe and the message is addressed to Saudis:

Keep your city tidy, put your rubbish in the bin.

The pessimistic interpretation:

Based upon the observation that some Saudis believe that “work” is something that you import and pay someone else to do. The little stick man in the picture is actually wearing a lungi and the message, whilst still addressed to Saudis, is:

Keep your city tidy, tell your worker to put your rubbish in the bin.

Which one is closer to the truth? Well…


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I wish I was more organised

al-Salamu ‘alaykum,

Pff! I’m having to write a very brief “I’m off” message here because my poor planning hasn’t left me enough time to write something longer.

I’m going to be offline for the summer (possibly longer) as I’m wanting to spend some quality time with my family back in the UK.

So I apologise for the brevity of this note (and lack of accompanying picture) but I won’t be updating this (or the other) blog for some time.

If anyone wants to, they could use one of the blog feed readers to let them know when I eventually (insha’ Allah) do resurface. That way it’d save people checking here for updates. I’ll let Editor explain how Google Reader works to save me typing it out.

If anyone posts a comment in my absence and hasn’t posted here before, it’ll be held in the moderation queue for some time until I check it off.

If anyone  emails me I probably won’t read it for a while.

Um, well I guess that’s all I wanted to say really.

wa-l-salamu ‘alaykum


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The Uh Game!

I actually wanted to post this up on here but WordPress is a bit fussy about code in a post so I stuck it up on my other blog.

In case anyone only comes here, please have a try at:

The Uh Game

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