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In a country where…

… chewing gum is a form of legal tender (many shops can’t be bothered giving you change if it involves the coinage, halalas, and just give you a pack of gum instead) why can’t I find any chewing gum remover?!

I had to ask my mother to bring me some from the UK when she visited because kids somehow have an ability to find gum anywhere to chew.



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(Saudi) White Van Man asks…

I use my eyes.

How you learn my language?


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An absurdity?

Question: In a country where females are prohibited from driving, should there be such a thing as a pink car?

Answer: Well much to my surprise (and various ex-pat friends who I’ve discussed this with),  I’ve laid witness to many.

Furthermore, I’ve stared aghast at pink SUVs, motorbikes and even a pink pickup truck!

I won’t venture into any “in my day…” diatribes and shall restrict my comments to the above.


Bonus points goes to anyone who can correctly guess the link (in my head anyway) between the picture below and this whole post.


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