Predator Shaykhs

A video aimed at starting debate about something that happens in our community but which is hushed up because of those that are involved.

You can read more about this issue at the following website:



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2 responses to “Predator Shaykhs

  1. It’s surprising to me to learn about this issue. I suppose the video makes it easy to spot the ridiculousness of what he’s saying and the real offenders have much more cunning means of deception. It just seems obvious not to trust the guy right off the bat for talking with the woman rather than with the maharm. And the car mechanic metaphor was just ridiculous!

  2. The problem is bigger than just something that occurs on the lecture circuit.

    A person is not allowed to say I will marry you for a week in the contract but he can divorce you after a week without giving a reason. So what has happened is you have some who have taken advantage of their status as Islamic speakers and who travel around frequently marrying and divorcing. Irrespective of the damage they’re causing to these sisters. Some are left shunned in their society because they’re now a deflowered divorcee.

    Some of these speakers have a long trail of divorcees behind them. But this information isn’t spoken about because of who they are and so they’re free to continue in this manner. There are many truly tragic and horrifying accounts of this sort of behaviour.

    The problem then grows because when the speaker himself is doing this, his followers adopt this behaviour. Then in certain communities there are some horrific tales of sisters effectively getting passed around in multiple short term marriages between friends.

    There needs to be proper background checks on people for marriage. And someone who is well into double figures of marriage and divorce over a relatively short period needs to be flagged up, irrespective of how famous he is. There has to be honest character assessments given when someone proposes, so serial behaviours like this are made known. It shouldn’t be a case of “oh he’s a graduate of so-and-so institute what more do you need to know?”

    Also, the issue of attacking the position of the wali is a serious one. Removing an objecting father by casting aspersions on him that he’s an innovator, he is racist, he is unjustly rejecting me as a suitor when my deen is impeccable, etc. Or even those sisters who are reverts and they get someone appointed to look after her, there are tales of this person himself deciding to marry her. The protection is there for a reason and so to remove the wali unjustly is an underhanded tactic and a broken home is often the result of it.

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