Working Around a Problem

There are times when I get a hearty laugh at the stalwartly work ethic that I come across here.

I referred to this ingenious approach to road repairs some years back when I first arrived but having recently witnessed another couple of belters, I thought to comment on it once more.

What would you, as a hypothetical workman (or work woman), do when confronted with a parked/abandoned car in an area that you need to build/dig?

Well, you could call the council and have them tow it away or maybe throw a brick through the driver’s window and release the handbrake yourself.

But… let’s not be too hasty here, has hypothetical you properly considered the innovative alternative of just leaving it where it is and building around it?

Now don’t dismiss this idea straight away. I mean, you haven’t actually started building yet. So who’s to say that a big car in the middle of your project’s going to look out of place?

I mean take this outstanding achievement as a for instance. You have about a mile and a bit of a seven lane road completely closed off and dug up so that you can heave out an underpass to deftly redirect city traffic. Do you really need to move those last few cars parked at the side? Or could you just leave them as a form of adornment for generations to come.

Alternatively, imagine you’re working on a new building, would it really be that hard to adjust your plans to incorporate an abandoned car into one of the main support walls?

I’m actually kind of hoping that this will eventually turn out to be a restaurant. That way they can put the salad bar on the bonnet/hood and I can sound the horn every time someone tries to sneak in a second plateful.


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