Lecture Gems, Jewels & Hems



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3 responses to “Lecture Gems, Jewels & Hems

  1. Hmm I usually love your comics but I just don’t get this one, I’m sure I will though if you’d be kind enough to explain to me? Thanks!

    • It’s just that “pants” has a different meaning in British and American English.

      In American English it means the British equivalent to trousers. In British English it means underwear.

      So the “shaykh’s” answer means that if you’re asking about trousers then yes they should be worn so that the trouser legs are above the ankle (which is a fiqhi position, based on a hadith that anything below the ankles is in the hell-fire amongst others).

      However if you’re (i.e., the questioner) asking about underwear, then no you shouldn’t wear them around your ankles because that’d be inappropriate.

      It’s a joke I often make in my EFL classes as I’m frequently forced to teach American English, despite being a Brit.

  2. OH silly me! I’m from Scotland and of course pants means underwear… don’t need to explain you’re Scottish too 😀

    I’m just so used to hearing American English on blogs and online that I automatically thought of trousers.

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