All the fun of the fair

Now this cannot be an accurate translation!

Of all the things that I’ve thought to be wary of at a funfair, I can honestly say catching leprosy wasn’t amongst them. Surely it’s not so widespread to necessitate every ride in the fair to be labelled with the following (click on it to enlarge).

So I need some volunteers. Can someone please render the Arabic into a more logical English warning?



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4 responses to “All the fun of the fair

  1. HAHAH leprosy?! It says “Please ensure to buckle the safety belt over your entire body throughout the ride” but I’m probably wrong so get a second opinion on that haha

  2. Salam… sister Mariam from MM says the same: “It actually says to keep your seatbelt buckled and entire body inside the ride (game).”

  3. Jazākum Allāhu khayran.

    So am I safe to remove my surgical gloves and mask on the rides now? Pheww!

    So was it just that someone misread حزام as جذام when they translated the sign?

    But even that doesn’t make sense because surely they’d think the sign was a bit nuts even in Arabic.

  4. Amatullah

    they probably just used Google Translate! LOL

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