[Sadly] It’s Happpened for Less

This was based upon one of my Facebook status updates a couple of months ago, so apologies if that spoiled the punchline for anyone.



Filed under Comic Strips

5 responses to “[Sadly] It’s Happpened for Less

  1. And just in case anyone misunderstands the intent behind this one, I’d like to be clear:

    I’m not having a pop at Shaykh Bin Bāz (rahīmahu Allāh).

    It’s aimed at highlighting the phenomena of misunderstanding or misinterpreting someone and then judging or even abandoning them on this.

  2. In the words of Facebook: “like”.

  3. Lol! I don’t know how you come up with these

  4. Muneeb

    What the hell? I think its haraam or something like haraam to spread something which you havnt confirmed. Like when you overhear something, you can just go n spread it. -.-

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