… before someone else does.

Based on quite a lot of personal experience :/



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4 responses to “… before someone else does.

  1. Cute strip! I don’t totally understand the point (Muslims not returning salaams, is that a common phenomenon?) but nevertheless cute cartoon.

    I noticed you have a tiny mini smiley face at the top right of your blog, that’s cute too!

  2. I don’t know how prevalent it is amongst sisters, but among some brothers there’s certainly a mentality that “salām” is something reserved for people that you know.

    You can get some brothers that’d happily give salām to an atheist secularist from their own village than to a revert they’ve never seen before. When you initiate salām to them they just look back at you bemused, like “Who’re you?”

    It can be quite depressing at times when you go into a masjid with a strong bias towards a particular ethnicity and you give salām and despite many turning around to see who said it, the only salām you hear in return is the echo from your own salām slowly dissipating as it bounces off the walls.

    The smiley at the top is part of this particular WordPress Theme, not of my doing I’m afraid.

  3. Amatullah

    as-Salaamu `alaykum w. w.
    I have been following your blog for quite some time now and always manage to laugh every time I visit.
    The cartoons are excellent (and so were your articles mashallah). You should consider submitting them for ‘Muslim’ magazines. They could definitely do with your sense of humor and the underlying messages.

  4. wa ‘alaykum salām,

    Thanks for the positive feedback. I guess I’m a bit too lazy to actively go around trying to get someone to take the comics on board in their publications.

    I don’t mind people cross posting them or even publishing them (for non-profit that is) but I don’t think I’ve got the energy right now to submit samples to magazines and the like for publication.

    Plus the downside would be that someone might want exclusivity on them and/or start to restrict/censor any ideas that I have.

    I kind of enjoy the freedom of drawing whatever passes through my mind of a morning and being able to post it wherever I feel like.

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