Saudi Signage 2

I’ve finally got around to making another compilation of Saudi signs. There’s some repetition of some that have been posted on here previously but I wanted to gather all the signs that weren’t part of the first compilation.

I’ve tried to add different captions though and there are a fair few “previously unseen”, so I hope it will still be viewable.

Here’s the link:

Saudi Signage 2

And here’s the link to the first album, in case anyone hasn’t seen it.

Saudi Signage



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7 responses to “Saudi Signage 2

  1. M.

    I don’t know how I have never come across this blog before!

    The signs were absolutely… ya Allah… lets just say I do not remember the last time I laughed so hard.

  2. BRILLIANT! That gave me such a good laugh, really cheered me up. Can’t remember the last time I saw something so hilarious. Loved your captions too.


    Saw it thought of you…
    (Abu Nuh wouldnt do that for you and you had his blog up before mine…..
    Sorry but the wounds run deep!)

  4. Ah thats easy!

    1. Admit that Abu Nuh means nothing to you compared to your respect for me.

    2. Admit that i am the first on your list of people you would love to meet off I.A

    3. Name your child ‘Scented’.
    (I want to see documentation.)

    4. Admit on I.A that I’m a huge inspiration for you and your like to bounce your wit off me for new ideas.

    5. Make point 3 a priority.

    6. Have my blog in your sig on I.A

    Told you it was easy bro…

  5. Excellent. Now about that child….

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