Not a clue!

No Idea

Can anyone provide a better translation of this sign?

One that might give us some insight into what we’re being advised not to do?

From the picture that accompanier-ed this infomercial my best guess is that we’re being admonished against throwing plastic bags onto BBQ’s whenever we’re near the seafront (a most heinous of crimes, if ever I could imagine one).

Now, whether or not such ceremonial bag-burning is permitted at other venues, well – I just don’t know.



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2 responses to “Not a clue!

  1. “Don’t Vandalize. Why destroy our property?” or something along these lines. Love the translation, I wonder where on earth they got that?

  2. Jazaki Allahu khayran.

    Yeah, as someone said earlier, they’re probably using google translate or something equally as skilled to make their signs.

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