And it was


Full credit goes to Kamran for spotting this beauty!

What I can’t understand is that if the “author” of this masterpiece knew enough English to double the ‘p’ before adding ‘-ed’, then surely they should have had an inkling that it wasn’t the best of translations?



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8 responses to “And it was

  1. Abu Maryam

    Is it the bid kamran i have met?

  2. Assuming that “bid” isn’t short for bid’ee then I’m going to guess that you’ve probably met “big” Kamran at some point.

  3. SubhanAllah – I have an MSc student from Saudi who came to me the other day and told me I could help myself to “Coffee and Snakes” in the lab….

    I was obviously a bit shocked at the thought of any form of slithery creature in the lab – and repeated it over and over….he was looking a bit bemused by my horror then showed me the huge flask of coffee, and pastries!

    BIT of a difference between the two…

  4. Huh!
    Naaaaaaaaaaah man that’s well naaaasty

  5. Abu Nuh

    LOL I don’t know what to say

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