Rabee’: Worse than I imagined!

My encounter with Rabee’ quite literally left me with a foul taste in my mouth!

Here in Saudi, choice can be restricted.

We find, as I’m sure you’ve heard, that some are championed over others. Whether this is because of behind-closed-door agreements or just the natural order of things – I really don’t know!

But having lived in the West I can assert that there is certainly a greater freedom of choice. One which allows you to venture outside of “brand names.”

I’d heard of Rabee’ but had never come face to face before. I don’t know what drove me to it, but I thought to myself – hey, a harmless introduction surely can’t go amiss?

We met in the local market and after a brief exchange at the cashier’s till, I opted to bring Rabee’ home with me and serve some tea.

As I sat there in my living room, I could see the steam rising from Rabee’ and felt the heat that was being omitted as I drew closer.

Yak! What kind of garbage was this?!

What foul nastiness was I being exposed to?!

The shock led me to spit my tea back into my cup.

How could anyone pass this off as a quality beverage?

I think I’ll have to stick to the more well established, like Shaykh Lipton.

t chumps

At least until someone can bring me over some of my favourite Illuminati bags from the UK.




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5 responses to “Rabee’: Worse than I imagined!

  1. Noor

    Assalamu aleikum…yes sister, there is nothing worse than a nasty cuppa tea! Even though I’m here in the US, I admit to being a wee bit of a tea snob and am currently drinking Brooke Bond Red Label. 🙂
    Please keep writing–your blog is great, masha-Allah!

  2. wa ‘alaykum salam,

    I was actually delighted to find a box of Brooke Bond Red Label two days ago, as it makes a welcome change from being forced into drinking Lipton. I’m even enjoying a cup of it as I type.

    If it wasn’t for Lipton’s Peach Flavour Iced Tea I’d totally right them off as a manufacturer, as their bags have a nasty habit of leaking tea-leaves into the cup.

    Oh, and it’s brother by the way. Hmm, I think I’ll need to find something more masculine than tea to write about to avoid any future confusion.

  3. Noor

    Salaams…oh my goodness brother, I am so sorry that I made the wrong assumption about your gender! Glad to see that you’re a “tea snob” like me, though. 🙂

  4. Abu Maryam

    Drat, i thought it was about Sh Rabee’. U r still on the manhaj it appears

  5. “U r still on the manhaj it appears”

    At last, my very own tazkiyah.

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