Do you do chickens too?


“Take a seat sir! Is it just a trim you’re after? The pagan festival of Christmas will be coming up soon and I suppose you’ll be wanting to look your best?”

“Gobble !?!”



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5 responses to “Do you do chickens too?

  1. Ajeeb!

    PS: Feel free to add my site to your links…

    Welcome back btw aswell….

  2. ’tis added.

    Hey, you’ve come a long way in your e-profile this last year, masha’ Allah!

    I got a shock when I saw the “Webshop” tab and was half-expecting to open it up and find a complete range of iMuslimah T-shirts, caps and backpacks.

  3. …and you think that backpacks and tshirts customised with my logo will fly out in these “recession” times….

    thanks for the idea though – will save that up for a later date…have you checked out my youtube channel though ?

  4. BarakAllah feek akhi

    urm i don’t have a clue how to use flash….it’s something faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar simpler than that…. ie: something under the accessory section of windows software … 🙂

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