Hittin’ the Books

I’ll shortly be leaving for the UK to take a quick break before the next academic year begins.

I’m also enrolled on an intensive study course over the next month or so and everyone that I know who’s done the same course tells me that you have to eat, sleep and breathe the course just to get through it.

This being the case I’ll have to forgo my internet tom foolery until my planned return to Saudi in early to mid Ramadhan, insha’ Allah.

So don’t be expecting any/much activity here for the duration.

If I’ve got my dates correct, my home internet card is due to expire within the hour and so I’d better get this post up now, lest I find myself having to sit in one of the various smoky and seedy internet cafes tomorrow to make this announcement.

All the best to everyone and a Ramadhan mubarak in advance.



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2 responses to “Hittin’ the Books

  1. Formerly Nuqtah

    Hey boss i thought u might wanna remove nuqtah from your blogroll, it doesnt exist anymore.


  2. Ok Neon, ’tis done.

    There’s a few dead links in my blogroll, insha’ Allah I’ll sift through it one day.

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