Are the Saudi public ready for female drivers?

The owner of this bumper sticker seems to think not.



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8 responses to “Are the Saudi public ready for female drivers?

  1. Why are her eyes kind wonky? Maybe it’s just a campaign against women drivers with eye defects…?

  2. Amy

    That’s why they teach them rabbits lay eggs… so they can use “women think rabbits lay eggs” as yet another random excuse to keep them from driving, perhaps. Maybe?

  3. Yeah, I’m also against women-who-always-look-around-sidelong drivers. They’re pretty dangerous.

  4. I just really don’t know what to say when I think about how brazen a sticker like this is.

    Especially when you reflect that the sticker won’t be a tongue-in-cheek joke for the owner, it’ll be a heartfelt protest.

    Can you imagine how many scratches (or slashed tyres) would suddenly appear on the side of a parked car in England that expressed a similar sentiment?

  5. if you ignore the steering wheel it could be understood as
    no to wearing the veil?


  6. True, or even no to women.

  7. WM

    You should’ve asked…whether KSA was ready for the internal combustion engine…

  8. Oum Fatima Rose

    Not so much a comment on the sticker, but on women driving in KSA —

    A couple months ago I saw a news story on the Saudi Channel KSA2, about a 10 year old girl who had been driving on a public road and caused an accident.

    Some people who are against women driving were using this as an example of why women shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

    Ummm, yeaahhh. I think this is more an example of why CHILDREN shouldn’t be allowed to drive.

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