You can’t make this stuff up.

I was in a bookshop in search of a specific English textbook that I had in mind for an evening class that I was teaching.

Not holding much hope that I’d find it, I started to wander around the other aisles in case it’d been misfiled or maybe something else might just catch my eye.

Into the “Computing” section, glancing briefly over the titles: “Networks”, “Excel”, “Word Processing.”; Nope, nothing of interest here!

Into “Management”, definitely nothing here.

“Science”, over my head.

What’s this next shelf?

“Women.” Hmm?

I wonder what they’re pushing the women of this ummah to read?

What kind of mind expanding topics do they think ladies are capable of learning and bringing the rest of us  advancements in?

What texts with unfathomable depths of complexity do they think that the female mind can grasp.


Apparently, this shop thinks that women are best intellectually satisfied with shelves full of…

I assume there must be a disclaimer somewhere:

Warning: These books may overwhelm you!

Please ask your husband/father/brother/son for assistance.”



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6 responses to “You can’t make this stuff up.

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  2. As salaamu alaikum.

    Wow. Just…. Wow.

  3. Asalam alikom brother…

    This is my 1st visit on your blog & masha Allah ….I enjoyed your educational posts as well as your great sense of humor..

    I will be visiting here ALOT in sha Allah..
    Fe aman Allah

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