The planned expansion of the haram.

This is an artist’s impression of how the planned expansion of the Haram in Makkah will finally look.

No comments involving the word “dominoes” please.



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10 responses to “The planned expansion of the haram.

  1. lvsdny

    Salam, I think they should keep some places in Makkah and Madinah as a resevation or untouch for historical sites, without demolishing its original landscape in the time of Rasul(PBUH)and places which are sacred with full of histories with lessons into something different. I am aware that the Hajj will attract more people from its previous years, therefore more development and services are needed for the pilgrims. But there should be some other alternatives, like for example how to make life easier for more and more pilgrims every year without changing the environment as much as possible to meet both the expansion of the Two Holy Mosques in Makkah and Madinah to accomodate worshippers and to keep its original heritage and landscape as it was at the time of the Prophet(PBUH), especially places which are seen or mentioned as significant. Apart from expansion, I think some areas need the natural environment which I feel is important and leaving it exactly as it was in the time of Rasul(PBUH) gives the pilgrim the divine understanding how the prophet(PBUH) lived and makes the Heart clear from all obstacles. It should be noted that it will be alot easier for pilgrims to focus the rewards of the life hereafter, rather just here for site-seeing when performing the sacred rituals during Hajj, especially when the hearts are clear from obstacles.

    I’m not against the expansion, but a balance is required for both without harming the environment which are seen as Sacred or Holy by many Muslims, especially with the rules of ihram are implied.

  2. Roman Ali

    I totally agree with lvsdny. I am not against expansion or modernisation, but surely the new development could grow around the most sacred/significant sites (left untouched in their original state).

    I don’t mind if the mosque or the open marble areas have cordoned off (untouched) historical structures dotted here and there. It wouldn’t spoil the look; it would enhance it, and the issue is not about looks anyway; it’s about heritage.

    What the Saudi authorities need to realise is, just because people pay homage to a site, it doesn’t mean they are committing shirk. Shirk is only committed if the intention is to worship a creation of Allah. Worshipping at a site of significance is not shirk if Allah is the object of worship; people just like to pay respect on a creation-level (without equalling to Allah), and they like to get a sense of their history. There is nothing wrong with that. Allah loves those who love Him and those close to Him. Other than rasool (pbuh) we don’t know who is close to Allah, but it makes sense to keep historical sites connected with him/his family/companions.

  3. sajid khan

    this is a great architect islamic building for everybody come and prayer ,haj ,umrah ,ibadat etc……

  4. Mohammad

    This is an amazing design. I’ve been to Al Haram April 2010, and this will be great. Especially for Hajj, there will be enough Hotels close enough to the Haram. I stayed at Abrah-Al-Bait, and these buildings are all just as big as the towers, mashallah this is amazing. When populated this will be amazing. I wonder if the Saffah-Marwa area will be expanded with wider lanes. That would be quite something. Inshallah this happens and looks gorgeous.

  5. They just recently finished widening the sa’ee area and so I don’t imagine they’ll be looking to do that again for a while. I went in April too and it was much wider than it was in previous years.

  6. muhamamd akram

    iwill visit thre i.a.2011.

  7. day to day every non muslims converting in to islam.if they come to perform hadj masjid should be large to pray…………
    did u understand.insha allah see in 2030…….

  8. imran ibrahim

    i have no problem with the expansion with the certain limit, but , don’t you think we must leave something behind for our future generations who can observe the real essence of our sacred places and the places of a personalities who made the history ? places like the house of abu bakar siddiq in makkah where, now , they have a bin dawood super market under makkah tower. how hard it is to expand without touching the history and how hard it is to preserve the history with the expansion ?

  9. dr farooq ahmed

    very good plan ilike this

  10. Dr Mohd Rafi Denthoo

    I would like to see makkah as in future, I hope I will be alive.
    My opinion is those places about which has been mentioned in hadith
    Must be preserved.

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