Rabbits lay eggs

Resolve: There’s something amiss with female education in Saudi Arabia.

I will take the affirmative.


Now putting aside for a moment the commonly known fact that girls don’t partake in physical education at school. (I assume that obesity will one day be overcome by an initiative to force “drivers” to park further away from mall exits.)

There are other indications that led me to the conclude that there exists a skew towards educating the male over female in the classroom.

I’m not referring to the numerous mixed schools that litter the kingdom (nor am I pro-mix by the way, I’m happy with gender division as a concept) but to those schools which offer separate education for the two sexes both in terms of their buildings and it would appear in their academic content.

My interaction with a girls’ school led me to gather that females apparently require much longer school holidays than their male counterparts, less teaching periods in a week, earlier close of the school year (and often of the day) and more lessons involving such enlightening topics as “Let’s clean and tidy our classroom.”

And if all this isn’t enough to convince you of the strength of my side of the debate, then please reflect upon the fact that I took the title of this post from a science lesson my daughter was given.



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5 responses to “Rabbits lay eggs

  1. No… way!

    Please let the next part of the post title be: True or False? (My first of 70 excuses…)

  2. Where did that wink come from? The comment winked of its own accord… spooky.

  3. That’s not the first time that WordPress has winked at someone unexpectedly. It’s got a very liberal understanding of what constitutes a smiley attempt and quickly steps in to substitute an emoticon. Basically if you use brackets at any point it can get over excited.

    I realise that the rabbit assertion was just a teaching mistake. I sent my daughter to school the next two days (it took more than one attempt to convince) armed with the information that “No they don’t. Not even at Easter.”

    But I certainly find a ban on female P.E. ludicrous (as are the two “reasons” that I’ve heard proposed to justify it) and take offence to the numerous means of reducing the school time that they throw up during the year, which boys’ schools don’t face.

  4. Amy

    What are the reasons they use to justify it? I’m just curious…

  5. Well, these aren’t official governmental reasons for the ban, as I’ve never heard an official statement as to why girls can’t do P.E.

    However, two people involved in education here for many years offered the following reasons for the absence of female physical education.

    1) In exercising there’s a risk that she might damage her hymen and hence find it very difficult to marry in later life, as culturally it would be equated with a lack of chastity.

    2) There’s a risk that some “bad people” might covertly film or photograph them whilst they exercise and distribute the footage amongst other “bad people”.

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