Irritable Vowel Syndrome

Irritable vowel syndrome (IVS) is a functional vowel disorder characterised by transliteration pain, discomfort and/or bloating; and is relieved by excessive increase in vowel allocation.

Such that a simple term like kitab becomes kitaab.

Loose vowel distribution (diiiaaarrhoooeeeaaa) or retentive obsession (cnstptn) may predominate, or they may even alternate (classified as IVS-D, IVS-C or IVS-A, respectively.)

IVS may begin after the reading of an internet article (post-infectious, IVS-PI) wherein Arabic terminology has been transliterated using a multiplicity of vowels where one would suffice.

Other functional or written disorders and certain psychological conditions are more common in those with IVS.

Such as a tendency to use grandiose or archaic terminology whilst lamenting the deviation or misguidance of others.

Treatment for IVS can include dietary adjustments, medication, psychological interventions or even a sturdy “look-in-the-mirror.”

Patient re-education and a good dictionary-patient relationship are also important.



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2 responses to “Irritable Vowel Syndrome

  1. Umm Musa

    My poor husband used to suffer from ICS..when we were first married i realised to my horror that he would say things like ‘vu’ instead of ‘the’ and ‘free’ instead of ‘three’ and more to my dismay he had no idea he was infected with this parasitic condition.
    Without further ado i took my handbag in one hand, and frying pan in the other, and exorcised it out of him.
    He’s now been let loose to teach ESOL (masha’Allah) …..
    A class post….j/k.

  2. The other one would be “fink” for “think” *shudders*

    Although I was acutely aware of how often the expression “innit?” has crept into my own vocabularly when I met up with my brother recently and noted his bemused looks whenever I uttered it.

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