A friend didn’t believe me that I’d seen a restaurant of this name.

Well, I hope that finally puts the matter to rest?



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4 responses to “Bye-bhai!

  1. AbdulHasib

    As-salamu ‘alaikum wa rahmatullah bro -)

    Welcome back akhil kareem.

    Hope you’re doing well! and your knee!

    My knee has joined yours in brotherhood as recently had a arthroscopic surgery. Not as FAR as a bend as yours did, but it did have a brotherly TWIST variation when the ligaments snapped. QadarAllahu wa masha’a fa’l.

    ha enjoying the new posts -)

  2. Wa ‘alaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh!

    Salamat on the knee bro! Yikes, the ligaments snapped, mine just stretched and I still have some cartilage damage.

    My knee is still mashed up, when I make sujood I feel like a dysfunctional Meccano set.

    I’m trying to decide about the surgery myself. How long a rest were you instructed to have after the operation? How long was it before you could walk again?

    Allah yashfik

  3. AbdulHasib


    hmm cartilage. depends on how the cartilage is now (if it did an “overlaping” on itself or not).

    SubhanAllah came a surprise to me, regarding your knee injury, as the tone of dramatic fervor the rhetoric in your post suggested. -)

    ha i had the surgery within 2 weeks. The doctor (who is a leading Orthopedic in his field, wrote some textbooks, and is the team physician for the National Champion UT Longhornsm, etc.) told me to wait 2 weeks for some blood flow to the effected area and some swelling to decrease. After the 2 weeks it was full force.
    Surgery was 2 hours, and rehab is up to 6 months – and you NEED to keep up your rehab for longer than that, as Physical therapists directed me.

    Mostly everyone says they’re near complete rehab (with ligament tears) to 1 year insha’Allah.

    I’d do the surgery akh. Otherwise you definitely feel it in any – twisting, jumping, or anything movements.

    Also your leg is moving in an unnatural way if torn or cartilage tears. Thus causing more damage in the long run; this in turn could cause cartilage wear – and when we get older “total knee replacement” is not something you want to hear… trust me, i work in Orthopedic Medical Surgical Unit -).

    Check again with your docs champ.

    Keep in touch akh.

  4. I can’t remember exactly what the doctor said but there’s two injuries, one either side of the knee cap.

    The physio is difficult to pull off effectively because in assisting one side’s recovery it harms the other and getting the balance right isn’t easy.

    I had a couple of surgical consults, one from a Dr who’s on the kick boxing associations advisory board which was kind of cool. He started talking about his experience with them and having met Steven Segal.

    Anyway, there are surgical options available, I’ve just never been sure whether to go under the knife here and pay for it or go back to the UK and wait on the NHS list for months and get it done for free.

    I understand full rehab takes a long time. But how long before you were mobile enough to work after the operation akhi?

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