What’s a “Mr. Majeika”?

I was quite disappointed to find out that some of the terms, phrases and expressions that I learnt as a child are dying out in their usage.

I had been talking with a close friend when I became distracted and had to stop him mid-conversation to inform him that he had a “Mr. Majeika.” Then, very much to my dismay, he asked “What’s a ‘Mr. Majeika’?”

Mr. Majeika was a children’s television (and book) character played on-screen by Stanley Baxter. The character was a wizard and had a magical tuft of hair rising from the centre of his head which moved and twitched whenever he cast a spell.

In street terminology, to have a “Mr. Majeika” means that you have a rogue clump of hair (normally in the vicinity of the crown) which is pointing up towards the stars and doin’ its own thang; unwilling to confirm to the methodology of the rest of the scalp.

My friend’s situation was slightly different to that of the norm, but nonetheless equally as serious.

His “Mr. Majeika” was the result of a defective kufi. The hole in the middle of his kufi had forced his hair into a very visible “Mr. Majeika.” One which I felt duty-bound to inform him of.

Rather than explain it to him through a series of diagrams and hand gestures, I opted to show him exactly what his “Mr. Majeika” was and asked him to hold still while I steadied my camera-phone.

I do believe that It is only fair and polite – nay, compulsory upon us – that we should care enough for al-Majeikiyoon to take the few seconds that it needs to notify them of the presence of a “Mr. Majeika.”

Give the people the opportunity to rectify their skull-scrapers.

If expressions like these are left to die out think of the societal repercussions and the subsequent increase in  hair related infractions worldwide.

So, please, keep the phrase alive!

Tell someone close to you when they have a “Mr. Majieka.”



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3 responses to “What’s a “Mr. Majeika”?

  1. We need to find something nicer for a cows lick , alhamdulilaah we say squint eyed or visually impaired rather than the less polite form that we used when I was younger.

  2. Was cows lick considered impolite?

    Not sure what else you could call it really, maybe something like “What’s the deal with the crop circle on your head, akhi?”

  3. Al

    Oh my days- Mr Majeka!!!

    Didn’t he wiggle it and then disappear or something?
    I’ve been saying Mr Majeka to people for years and no ones ever known who he was.

    At least I now have a link to refer people to….

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