In case of an emergency (search for and then) dial …

Like Bert my predecessor, I’m a collector of odd things.

However, what I collect is much more exciting than the illusive Fizzy Fig bottle cap made famous by Sesame Street.

I collect Saudi emergency telephone numbers!

My chosen abode isn’t like my homeland; where we only have one, all encompassing, number to ring in the event of an emergency.


Saudi Arabia has, well, I’m still collecting and so I’m yet to discover how many numbers.

Imagine the monotony facing your average Brit, irrespective of what type of emergency occurs in his life  requiring immediate attention, he’s always going to have to deftly dial the old 9-9-9 number sequence.

The American equivalent is, of course, 9-1-1 (Hmm, maybe there’s a conspiracy theory in there somewhere.)

However, here in Saudi Arabia we have a generous selection of numbers that we can ring. Specific numbers for specific emergencies.

Not that your average Saudi (and I’ve questioned a few on this) knows or uses more than one or two you understand.

Well, I’m now the proud owner of a collection of 8 emergency numbers and I’m hopeful that someone out there will be able to help me fill the remaining gaps.

999 – Police الشرطه

998 – Fire المطافي

997 – Ambulance الإسعاف

996 – Road Security/Highway Patrol  أمن الطرق

995 – Drug Protectors/Detectives مكافحة المخدرات

994 – Coast Guard حرس الحدود

993 – Traffic Police المرور والحوادث

992 -Immigration الترحيل

991 – ?

990 –  Secret Service المباحث العامه

ٍSo, are there any Ernies out there who can help me complete my collection?

I’m concerned that there might be an emergency out there somewhere that my collection gap leaves me uncovered for.



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9 responses to “In case of an emergency (search for and then) dial …

  1. Wow. A dedicated number for the secret service! Now what on earth would your average citizen wanna tell the secret service that he wouldn’t wanna tell the police?


  2. Good point!

    Unless of course you wanted to inform on the police.

    Someone has just helped me out with the 992 number, which is for immigration.

    Just 991 left and then I’ve completed the set. Come on people somebody out there must know.

  3. Abu Maryam

    What do i dial to get the trafic police in case of an accident? Is it toll-free?

  4. I think you’re supposed to dial 993 but people still dial 999.

    Then it’s not actually the police who’ll turn up first, it’s this other guy in a different car with flashing lights called “An-Najm.”

    An-Najm work for the insurance companies but you’ll still have to wait for the traffic police officer to arrive and hand draw a picture of the accident scene that’ll later be shown in court if you ever contest the way that he apportions blame for the accident.

    Not sure on the price of the call. I’m more worried about having to phone up after an accident and being told “Broblem, system down! Computer no work. Phone back after ‘asr.

  5. Abu Maryam

    fortunately in all accidents i have been thru, the other party calls. But i must say the officers are fair in their judgement

  6. At least you know the numbers! In Egypt, I asked around for emergency numbers, and no-one knew… not even the Egyptians!

    I gave up after somebody said that there was a number but it was like 7 or 8 digits long.

  7. Yeah, but I had to really look hard to find them, most people that I met didn’t have a clue about emergency contacts.

    But 7-8 digits is scary. Not exactly easy to recall under pressure I imagine.

  8. Umm Musa

    Dont you just love Bert (and Ernie)?

    Whats a drug protector/detective?

  9. It’s the bad translation I was provided with when I asked a friend. I think they’re the equivalent of the American’s DEA but in theory they should take harder line.

    Like if you saw some of the shabab smoking marijuana outside a mall and told 995 then they should take some action.

    Although it’ll more likely be based upon the prominence of the guy’s tribe whether anything would come of it.

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