In a country where…

… chewing gum is a form of legal tender (many shops can’t be bothered giving you change if it involves the coinage, halalas, and just give you a pack of gum instead) why can’t I find any chewing gum remover?!

I had to ask my mother to bring me some from the UK when she visited because kids somehow have an ability to find gum anywhere to chew.



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8 responses to “In a country where…

  1. What do you need to remove the gum from? If it’s on your clothes (or even in your hair – eww), then any oil-based formula, e.g., cooking oil, baby oil, etc, will get it off easily enough, insha’Allah. I don’t see why it shouldn’t work on other surfaces too, like underneath school tables.

    For clothes, you can also freeze it off, either by putting the offending (or offended) article in the freezer, then just pull the gum off once frozen. I think applying a ice wrapped in cloth (what’s that called again?) may also work.

  2. This past year it’s variously been my daughter’s hair, my wife’s abaya, the car seat and the car door.

    I solved these (in order) by: 1) scissors, 2) ice-cube and scrapping with a spoon, 3) a spray I found called “Dry Clean”, and 4) Left it in the sun for two days and then scraped it of with my finger.

    “ice wrapped in cloth (what’s that called again?)”

    Didn’t know it had a name other than ice-wrapped-cloth, which works fine for me.

    Baraka Allahu fiki for the pointers though. I didn’t know baby oil and the like might help.

    You scientists have all this secret knowledge to hand, it’s almost occultic.

  3. “You scientists have all this secret knowledge to hand, it’s almost occultic”

    Haha… I actually learnt the oil-removes-gum trick from a senior during secondary school, when my friend got some chewing gum stuck to her, umm… derriere, during lunch! 🙂

  4. Aww, darn… I didn’t close the italics tag properly… oh well.

  5. Noor

    You can actually use hairspray to remove the gum from clothes….

    it kind of freezes it off…

    worked when i was a kid…

    though nowadays gum may have become ever sticky….

  6. The only thing that’d worry me about baby oil or hairspray would be the stain it might leave behind on the material.

    One of my kids (although no-one owned up to being the culprit) thought it wise to throw their gum out of the window of a moving car.

    It blew straight back in sticking to both my wife’s chair and the back of her, abaya.

    It was a rental so I’d be scare to return it with an oily stain, unless of course you’ve got some solutions (both meanings of the word intended) as to how to get the oily stain out too.

    And iMuslim your brackets have been duly closed.

  7. They do the same thing in Cairo… the first time it happened to me, I thought it was really nice of them to give me some gum and other sweets (the shopkeeper literally through it in with the change). It was only when I told my friend of the ‘kind gesture’ that she laughed and told me that was part of my change!

  8. It wouldn’t be so bad but they always choose some clammy local brand of chewing gum that sticks to your teeth when you chew it.

    Wrigley’s is too expensive for them to give away in change.

    I find that they also agree to give out packets of pocket tissue instead of the gum and I find that of more use.

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