I shouldn’t laugh but…

I think I mentioned before that I teach 6-7 year old boys in an international school.

An integral part of the English program is the weekly spelling test. The words selected for the tests are mostly words that are spelt phonetically (i.e. they are spelt like they sound). This way it also serves to help their reading develop.

Last year I learned that you need to be careful which words you select for these tests because innocent spelling errors, whilst entertaining, can be startling.

For example, when I set the word “crop” for them to learn about 40% of the class changed the vowel when they reproduced it in the test. I subsequently opted to remove the word “shot” from a future test. I’m omitting some other examples here but there have been more.

Anyway, this one really took me by surprise. The theme for the spelling this particular week was comparative endings, i.e. adding ‘-ed’ and ‘-est’ to words. The word was ‘fast’ and it’s companions were ‘faster’ and ‘fastest.’

I particularly like his ‘-est’ derivative, I think I’d like to use it in a sentence one day.



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2 responses to “I shouldn’t laugh but…

  1. alistiqaamah


  2. It certainly brightened my day at school when I opened his book for marking.

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