Well, I hadn’t seen it before.

A friend just pointed me in the direction of this clip .



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5 responses to “Well, I hadn’t seen it before.

  1. This is truely eeeevviiiiiiiiiiil!

    I found it painful to watch (even though it was hilarious) – but I am not really into comedy that is based on the embarrassment of a character. I cringe too much!

    Is this a real show? I thought it might be a fake clip when the gruff audience member started talking.

    The inappropriate laughter of the show host reminded me of the first Batman film.

  2. I can’t decide if it’s real or not either.

    But it is horrible when you have a panic laugh attack like that and nothing you do will make you stop.

    I still remember when my friend accidentally passed wind loudly in one of my mock A-Level exams.

    I was nearly thrown out because I just couldn’t control myself. I had marks up my arm from nipping myself so hard, trying to use pain to divert my attention from what had just happened.

  3. Yeah, this must be a comedy sketch and not a real daytime chat show excerpt.

    1) If I was the guy with the high voice I’d be a lot more upset if the presenter started laughing at me.

    2) You see people in the audience behind the presenter trying to hold back smiles.

    3) The “punchline” of the guy with the deep voice at the end is just too good of an ending to have occurred naturally.

    4) The woman in the wheelchair’s sweater, glasses and haircut look contrived for comedic effect. Plus, I’m sure she’s wearing a wig.

    5) It ends too quickly and no-one in the audience gets upset with the presenter.

    6) Even the high voice guy’s jumper purposely looks out of place. I know they’re not “English” but Europeans have fashion sense too.

    7) It’s the kind of sketch that Reeves and Mortimer would write.

    My verdict: It’s a setup, it’s ok to laugh and therefore I’m not a bad person. I hope :/

  4. Al-hamdu lillah, thanks for the info!

    Even though I’d convinced myself it was fake there was still a bit of niggling guilt that maybe it wasn’t and I shouldn’t be laughing.

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