I wish I was more organised

al-Salamu ‘alaykum,

Pff! I’m having to write a very brief “I’m off” message here because my poor planning hasn’t left me enough time to write something longer.

I’m going to be offline for the summer (possibly longer) as I’m wanting to spend some quality time with my family back in the UK.

So I apologise for the brevity of this note (and lack of accompanying picture) but I won’t be updating this (or the other) blog for some time.

If anyone wants to, they could use one of the blog feed readers to let them know when I eventually (insha’ Allah) do resurface. That way it’d save people checking here for updates. I’ll let Editor explain how Google Reader works to save me typing it out.

If anyone posts a comment in my absence and hasn’t posted here before, it’ll be held in the moderation queue for some time until I check it off.

If anyone  emails me I probably won’t read it for a while.

Um, well I guess that’s all I wanted to say really.

wa-l-salamu ‘alaykum



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7 responses to “I wish I was more organised

  1. Abu Something

    assalāmu ‘alaykum,

    Enjoy your summer, inshā’Allāh…
    Though there doesn’t seem to be much summery weather at the minute.

  2. Asalamualaikum akhi,

    I just came back from holiday, subhanAllah, if you see the state of the weather in the UK at the moment, floods, winds, rain, rain and well…more rain….aint this just the best place to be with so much opportunity to be making dua’a… i’m sure you’ll enjoy ur break back here inshaAllah.

    InshaAllah you’ll be back soon, remember us all in your dua’as whilst you are travelling please.

    JazakhumAllahu khairun.
    Fi Aman Allah

  3. Al

    assalaamualaykum bro…wel its been almost a year or something, and you have just disappeared! Where are you ? How are you? Do have a different blog?
    Hope all’s well.

  4. wa ‘alaykum salam,

    Yeah, it’s been a long time. I’ve just been snowed under (well, sanded under) with work and the like, so I’ve disappeared offline in various places. It was only by chance that I came across the notification telling me that I have comment to approve.

    I’m still in Saudi doing the do but haven’t been able to free up time for online activities. I’m thinking to, insha’ Allah, make a return after the summer holidays to blogging but I’ll see how things pan out.

    Jazakum Allahu khayran for the concern.

  5. Al

    Wa iyaak insha’Allah.

    Hope all is well, let me know when the blog gets up and running again. I miss your posts!

    I’m now in Al Ain, UAE.

    My blog is http://www.alinalain.wordpress.com

    Stay in touch insha’Allah

    Was salamu’alaykum

  6. Masha’ Allah, UAE! I sometimes think about jumping ship and going over there.

    I had browse around your new blog, looking good masha’ Allah.

    I saw a lot of similarities between what you’re seeing there and I’m seeing here.

    The beds being one. I used to think that there was only one furniture designer in the entire KSA that supplied all the furniture shops but having seen your pictures I think there’s one designer for the entire Middle East.

    Beds so big that you don’t need to rent a flat you can just park your car on one end of the bed and still have space leftover to sleep a sizable family.

  7. Al

    lol i find i can actually sleep sideways on these beds- it’s amazing!

    Insha’Allah I hope to check out KSA at some point.

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