Re-laid Hāts


Well, I guess no-one cried, but I assume that someone, somewhere, wondered why (Smāll) Hāts Ōn Vōwēls suddenly disappeared and was replaced with the rather annoying message “Notice: This domain name expired on 05/12/07 and is pending renewal or deletion”?

My brother D. even emailed me to ask “You not been paying your bills????”

But I thought blogging was free *sigh*


The saying goes:

“Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home.”

Having had nowhere to lay my Hāts these past few weeks I rapidly came to the conclusion that I was in fact homeless, an e-refugee if you like.

Anyway, after much frantic emailing, and Hāt tipping goes in Sas‘s direction for his hard work here, I’m pleased to announce that Hāts is now back up but at a new address (here).

NaseehaMan (rahimahu Allah)’s blog was similarly affected by the felling of the Puglu domain and so it has also been reposted (here).




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3 responses to “Re-laid Hāts

  1. yes i did notice that today!
    it’s good you have another blog that i saved to my favourites.

    but isn’t blogging free???

  2. umm m

    yes brother although we didnt cry, we did mourn, for we thought small hats had disappeared for good.

    very glad to see it back…a favourite stop for a chillout every now and then….

    oh and please would you finish your story on your conversion, as it seems to have been left in the middle…but maybe you intended for that, so apologies if that is the case.
    but jazzakAllah khayr for sharing that. i find conversion stories amazing, and dont think i could hear too many.

  3. Sorry Cappuccino, I totally forgot to reply. Yeah, blogging is free but we had some trouble with the Puglu domain name’s renewal. Sas couldn’t seem to get the renewal request accepted and in the end it just seemed a whole lot easier to ship everything over onto MuslimPad.

    Umm M, I kind of thought I’d taken the conversion story as far as it needed to go.

    I took up as far as the official shahādah and then gave an epilogue on the issue of music because that’s something I wanted to get across in the story; as having gone through that myslef I figured that there might be others who have (or want to) give[n] it up.

    I suppose I could maybe go into more detail about some parts but after that point it was just really early experiences and adjusting to being a Muslim rather than the decision to become one.

    What sort of things did you have in mind? I mean what kind of stuff would be interesting to know (if anything)?

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