Yay! For National Pride.

This is following on from the discussion that took place after this post.

Speaking as someone who very intentionally left the UK and way up in the list of reasons why I did so was… well, a strong dislike for just too many things about the place to list, it feels a little strange to be championing one of the good points about my “home”land.

However, having been exposed to the insurance based medical “care” system and the inevitable harm it has upon your physical well being, all I can say is “Yay!” for the simplicity of the UK (Sorry Saudi, I still like your cheap mineral water though [about the equivalent of 14p for a 600ml bottle]).

Yes, granted the NHS is understaffed, run down (even dirty in places), waiting lists are huge, etc.

But you have to give a little credit to an organisation whose basic premise seems to be “You’re sick – we’ll treat you” without first having recourse to inspect the size of your wallet and/or insurance policy.

Here’s an excerpt from Michael Moore‘s new film SiCKO which has just premiered at the Cannes Film festival this past weekend.

I understand that it’s due for release on June 29th 2007 in the US and Canada. The rest of the world (which I hope includes Saudi Arabia this time, as they banned Fahrenheit 9/11) will get to watch it in the autumn (unless of course you’re one of those people who buy DVDs from shifty looking strangers in car parks, which I don’t recommend).


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