Akismet eats comments!


Ok I’ve just noticed that in addition to “protecting” me from spam, Akismet also kindly eats people’s comments for me.

I just found a genuine comment in there and then questioned the authenticity of the statement it proudly makes in the Dashboard “Akismet has protected your site from 6 spam comments.”

This is still a relatively new blog and so I doubt that the spammers have caught up with me yet. So on the basis of having spotted a real comment in there today I’m inclined to believe that Akismet has “kindly” axed six comments from (which I’m unable to retrieve) “real” people.

So if anyone is upset with me for having “moderated” a comment that they made, then the chances are that I didn’t actually see it because I was being “protected” by Mr [overzealous] Akismet.

Anyway, apologies to you if you were affected by this.



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17 responses to “Akismet eats comments!

  1. Now I can pretend I’ve posted a comment but blame Akismet for you not seeing it. Ahh, deception is a fine art. Muahaha.

  2. Haha, Akismet is convinced you’re a spammer. I had to fish both your comments out of the spam filter, lol.
    I wonder what it is about you? I notice that you got zapped on iMuslim’s site too.

  3. I think it’s the name “editor”… maybe someone should do an experiment, and post under that name, and see what happens? Hang on, lemme do it. I’m a scientist after all!


  4. BINGO!

    We have a winner! It’s not Editor’s name, or e-mail address, but the blog address that is causing it to be spammed!

    Why though?

    P.S., Abu Ilyas, feel free to delete my previous comments… in fact, why didn’t i do all this on my blog, and spare you the comment bombing?! D’oh! SORRY!

  5. Thanks iMuslim, great detective work!
    I edited out the test comments but congratulate you or your investigation.


    That is some great Photoshopping! I congratulate you on your editing skills, and superb SOH. Mashallah!

    Excuse me while i go stitch my sides back together… 😀

  7. Akismet has set parameters and then ‘learns’ from you unspamming comments.
    There’s an option in there that will automatically fry comments with curse words (swear words) and any comment with a set IP address or email address. Look in the discussion tab under options in the dashboard. So if you get really annoying spam continuously about certain body parts or cream for said, just plug the words in the box and they’ll get fried automatically.
    Hopefully this does’nt! 😮

  8. I have dubious faith in Akismet’s learning ability as I’m still waiting for it to “learn” that Editor is a bona fide poster; her last comment was deemed spam despite me having de-spammed previous comments she’s made.
    Yes, I’m using the automatic-fry option in the admin panel. My list of words looks like a cross between a pharmacist’s shelf and a collage of toilet wall graffiti.
    Basically never mention viagr@ and your comments should make it through.

  9. editor could be because of the name “editor”, which the system may think is trying to fool all us gullible bloggers into thinking that they are they “editor” and not just a regular commenter.

  10. I’ve never felt so honorably mentioned.

  11. Lol! Akismet sucks even more than I first suspected.

    It just identified one of my own comments as spam and threw it in the spam-bin.

    *knock, knock* Hello! Akismet, are you home?

    This being my blog there’s a strong possibility that I actually “approve” of my own comments and hence won’t need your e-bodyguarding attempts at protecting me from myself.

    Ahh! Why do I bother? This comment will probably be spam-zapped anyway.

  12. Ok, we may have had some progress here, Akismet has replied with:


    I apologise for the lack of a reply before.

    Your comments and those of your readers should be okay now.
    Using muslimpad.com should not cause a problem.

    If you do have problems, let me know which comment on your blog to check and I will make sure to deal with it quickly.

    Editor, could you make a comment to test please?

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  14. Editor

    :O I just got my first spam comment caught by Akismet. But I’m not sure if it was really spam. It doesn’t show the comment at all? Or does it delete after a certain period? I check regularly man. Bleh.

  15. Editor

    Hey, pls change my blog link on your blogroll na. Or else I’ll report your blog as “mature”. xD

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