Warning: Do not mix!


I thought to start a category where I can post some of the better ‘P’ and ‘B’ mix-ups that I spot.

Now, I’ve heard people frequently talk about eating bizza or going to Bizza Hut but this is the first time that I’ve seen such an innovative spelling for a spicy salami bizza.




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4 responses to “Warning: Do not mix!

  1. Abu Maryam

    How about “I don’t like the pitch here” or “Britsh pitches are easy to bat (change the ‘b’ ) upon”.

    A freind who used to teach C language to electrical engineering undergraduates told me a student repeatedly complained that his code was not being compiled by the C compiler. To his dismay he found the student was saving the file as ‘*.cbb’ and not ‘*.cpp’

  2. Abu Maryam

    Please remove the smiley from my last comment. It was not intended. I believe they r haraam

  3. To his dismay he found the student was saving the file as ‘*.cbb’ and not ‘*.cpp’

    That’s hilarious.

    I was with a friend amongst a group others and he was trying make a point and turned to me for support, asking “What is the bound in England?”

    I politely asked him to repeat it a couple of times and was in the process of enquiring what it was exactly that he thought had ‘been tied up’ in England, when he suddenly mentioned the word ‘money’ and I realised that he’d actually been talking about the pound.

    I edited the smiley out for you akhi. I think if you can get into the habit of always putting a space before a bracket these kind of sites won’t change your text over into smilies.

  4. Abu Maryam

    Jazkallahu khair.

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